Our comprehensive REBAR SERVICES

Camblin Steel Service offers complete rebar service packages that encompass:

Our name indicates our emphasis on service. We supply rebar for both furnish-and-install and furnish-only projects of all sizes, from large federal and state public infrastructure projects to smaller-scale projects in private industry sectors.

Commercial, industrial and public works services

Camblin Steel produces, cuts, bends, transports and places steel reinforcing bars to the precise structural engineering specifications of reinforced concrete and masonry contractors throughout California, Southern Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. In addition to conventional rebar, we frequently work with epoxy rebar, stainless steel and galvanized rebar. The demand for our work speaks for itself. We complete almost 1,000 jobs every year.

Meeting your schedule is our top priority, and we enjoy nothing more than identifying ways for our clients to save money. That’s one of our points of pride. For example, we can pre-tie assemblies in our yard to reduce the amount of storage at your job site and make on-site installation more efficient. Thanks to our efficient communication and project management, you can count on our crews to roll up to your site in our fleet of trucks precisely when you need them there.


Any well-done rebar installation depends on a well-executed estimate, which defines the parameters of a job.


Camblin Steel has a longstanding reputation for fabricating rebar of the highest quality, with unsurpassed precision.


Our crew of detailing specialists are experts in creating specialized drawings that show the placement crew precisely how to install the rebar.

Placement / Installation

Camblin Steel’s placement crews consist of dedicated professionals for whom precision and safety are of paramount importance.

Product sales

Camblin Steel not only installs rebar, but we also sell rebar and associated products, including pre-assembled rebar cages, post-tension cable and mechanical couplers.