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Our detailing drawings specify precise rebar placement

Camblin’s crew of detailing specialists are experts in interpreting information in structural engineers’ drawings. The “rod wranglers” on a rebar placement crew, however, cannot work directly from structural engineers’ drawings. That’s where our Detailing Department comes into play.

The Camblin approach to detailing

Our detailers create specialized drawings that show the placement crew precisely how to install the rebar, specifying how far apart the rods should be, whether bars need to be set in layers for added strength, and other considerations to optimize reinforcement of foundation and structural concrete elements. The Camblin Detailing Department is accustomed to producing meticulously detailed mechanical drawings that comply with the stringent specifications of DOD, COE, DSA and OSHPD jurisdictions.

Camblin Steel Service’s Stockton fabrication shop servicing NorCal, Bay Area, and Central Valley is located in the Port of Stockton.

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