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Rebar Fabrication: What Is It and Suppliers

Rebar fabrication is the process of molding and shaping metal rebar into the correct shape. Rebar is a type of steel that's used in construction. It's normally used to reinforce concrete or asphalt, but it can be used in other ways as well. For example, it can also be used as a building material on its own. The finished product must be strong enough to hold weight without bending too much under pressure, so using high-quality materials is important when you're fabricating rebar (or any other kind of metal).

What Is Rebar Fabrication?

Rebar is a steel product. It's made of steel, and it's used for construction. Specifically, rebar is used in concrete. Rebar can be used in precast concrete or reinforced concrete.

It's used to strengthen the concrete and make it more durable. It’s typically used to provide additional support for a building's structure.

There are two types of rebar fabrication: hot rolling and cold rolling. In hot rolling, bars are formed from molten metal; in cold rolling they're formed from solid ingots or billets that have been rolled into flat sheets first by machine before being shaped into bars using coldworking methods like stretching or drawing processes.

The main difference between the two is that hot rolling requires more energy and produces more waste material than cold rolling. However, both methods are commonly used in steel fabrication companies.

How Many Places Can You Get Rebar Fabrication?

Rebar is the main structural component of concrete. Rebar is made of steel and comes in different shapes, sizes, and qualities depending on their end use. The most common rebar you will find is round or square , with a minimum diameter of 1/2” and a maximum size of 3/4”.

Rebar fabrication is a specialized process that requires specialized machinery to create efficiently. Rebar can be fabricated either on-site or at a factory; both methods have their advantages for specific applications.

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Types Of Rebar

There are different types of rebar, all which are suited for various applications. The most common types of rebar include:

Mild Steel Rebar

The primary use of Mild Steel Rebar is in the reinforcement of concrete. The reinforcing steel bars are placed at regular intervals within the freshly poured concrete, which helps strengthen the material against damage from external forces such as temperature changes, wind, etc...

Mild Steel Rebar has many other uses including:

- In construction applications such as brickwork or concrete walls where it may act as an anchor for wires or cables, or may be attached to a surface to provide support for a metal sheet above it.

- As a support system for building materials such as timber joists or plasterboard panels that are not tied directly into the structure of a building.

Galvanized Rebar

Galvanized rebar is made from bare reinforcing steel, which has been cleaned and coated with zinc to protect it against corrosion. Galvanized coatings possess other favorable corrosion characteristics when embedded in concrete, making it an effective coating material for applications such as these.

The most common type of galvanizing process uses hot dipped galvanizing (HDG) where molten zinc is poured over the steel bar at approximately 500 degrees Celsius. This process produces a dense coating that adheres well to the substrate but can have porosity issues due to carbon buildup on raw steel during processing. A newer method known as electro galvanizing (EG) involves passing an electric current through molten zinc, which allows for a thinner, more uniform coating with less porosity than HDG processes.

Stainless Steel Rebar

Stainless steel rebar is a specialized type of steel that is coated with chromium to prevent corrosion. It’s commonly used in chemical-resistant applications such as food processing plants, swimming pools and other places where stainless steel will last longer than regular steel. Stainless steel rebar can also be used for aesthetic purposes, such as creating a decorative railing or fence.

European Rebar

European rebar is a specialized type of steel that’s used in applications where it must be able to withstand high loads. It has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than standard steel, which makes it ideal for use in buildings and bridges.

Carbon Steel Rebar

Carbon Steel Rebar is the most common type of rebar and is used in many applications because it’s cheap and easy to work with. It contains a small amount of carbon, which makes it stronger than stainless steel but also less resistant to corrosion. This type of rebar isn’t suitable for use in highly corrosive environments, such as saltwater or concrete.

Epoxy Coated Rebar

Epoxy Coated Rebar is a premium grade of rebar that’s coated with an epoxy resin. It has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than carbon steel, which makes it easier to work with, and it’s also more resistant to corrosion. This type of rebar is suitable for use in any environment where there are corrosive chemicals present or if it will be exposed directly to saltwater.

Glass-Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (GFRP) Rebar

GFRP rebar is made from a combination of glass and polymers, which makes it extremely strong. It has many of the same properties as carbon steel but with a lower density and weight-to-strength ratio. Rebar made of this material are used in highly corrosive environments where chemicals or salt water may come into contact with the bars.

Where Do I Find Rebar Fabrication Supply Near Me?

The good news is that rebar fabrication supply is available at many locations.

Camblin Steel serves the following areas:

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Arizona

Markets Served

Rebar fabrication is a broad term that can be used to describe many different types of construction. The most common markets served by rebar fabrication include:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Highrise Construction
  • Retaining Structures
  • Paving
  • Petro Chemical
  • Office Buildings
  • Renewable Energy
  • Heavy Highway Construction
  • Parking Decks
  • Foundations
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Retail And Restaurants
  • Multi-family
  • Heavy Concrete Construction
  • Masonry Walls
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel And Motel
  • Single Family
  • Bridge Structures
  • Pre-Cast
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Power Generation
  • Schools

Rebar Fabrication Is Important For All Sorts Of Construction Projects.

Rebar fabrication is important for all sorts of construction projects.

Reinforced concrete is used to build everything from houses and bridges to parking garages and stadiums. Rebar is a critical component of concrete, as it helps the material withstand pressure and provide more support than plain cement alone. The type of rebar used depends on your project's requirements; steel rebar is generally stronger than fiberglass or stainless steel, but fiberglass can be molded into any shape while still offering high tensile strength. The most common forms of rebar include: bars made from carbon-steel wire wrapped in plastic; bars made by plating steel with zinc or aluminum alloy; bars manufactured with glass fibers infused with epoxy resin; or bars made using an extrusion process in which molten metal flows through a die onto a continuous strip called tubing (or coil) that's been wound around a mandrel (a cylindrical core).

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